The Free Maxwell Dlamini campaign is a group of people who believe that peaceful advocates of democracy and socio-economic justice – such as Maxwell Dlamini and Musa Ngubeni – should be allowed to speak their mind and push for democratic reform without being detained and tortured, as has been the case with Maxwell and Musa.

We also believe that undemocratic regimes, such as the one in Swaziland, are receptive to public awareness and pressure, both nationally and internationally, about their misdeeds.

Swaziland is in many ways an overlooked country, however. Most people have never heard of the brutal repression of the democratic movement in Swaziland.

And activists such as Maxwell Dlamini, who has selflessly and peacefully campaigned for democracy and socio-economic justice in Swaziland, are thus not afforded the protection that media focus and campaigns by larger human rights organisations offer.

We seek to redress this by starting this campaign.

We hope you will join us!

Peter Kenworthy, Africa Contact, Campaign Coordinator

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